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I started to practice yoga as a young adult, and I’m so grateful that to this day yoga is an integral part of my life. From the beginning I was drawn to the physical health and the emotional release yoga provided.

Eventually, I learned about Iyengar Yoga. I had heard about the specificity of this type of yoga, and how practicing it would allow me to continue yoga despite an injury I had and perhaps even help me heal.

While I found this type of yoga practice difficult at first, I also recognized a depth to my emotional stability that stemmed from the concentration it cultivated. I had not experienced such a calm in my years of previous yoga practice. I was hooked!

I continue to practice Iyengar Yoga with the lightheartedness and diligence I learned from my teachers. My classes reflect the years I’ve taught and the certifications I’ve received. I believe that practicing yoga is a way for all of us, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, cultural beliefs or health status, to cultivate an understanding about who we are, and how we live in the world.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing this amazing discipline with you!